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Ultra 250

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Kawasaki stunned the motorcycling world with the launch of its Ninja® ZX-14 flagship. It didn’t take long for the mighty ZX-14 to assume its rightful place as the quickest and fastest stock production motorcycle. Now, Kawasaki extends its high-performance domination into the realm of personal watercraft.

As the quickest and most powerful production PWC in history, Kawasaki’s new JET SKI® Ultra® 250X serves notice that "ULTRA" defines the pinnacle of PWC performance.

The supercharged Ultra 250X delivers 250 horsepower for astonishing acceleration that can be felt in the rider’s soul. Once up to speed, its precise handling and superb stability are equally impressive, thanks to a brand-new hull specifically designed to capitalize on the engine’s awesome performance.

The JET SKI Ultra 250X’s new engine, jet drive and hull incorporate racing technology refined through Kawasaki’s multiple IJSBA championships. This same technology allows it to deliver the awesome acceleration of a drag racer, and help ensure excellent hook-up – even in rough water.

With a 1,498cc marine engine derived from Kawasaki’s astounding JET SKI STX®-15F watercraft, the Ultra 250X produces power comparable to a normally aspirated high-performance three-litre engine, thanks to the addition of a Roots-type supercharger. Unlike centrifugal superchargers or turbochargers, the Ultra 250X’s high-volume direct-drive supercharger delivers boost virtually instantly at any engine speed from idle to redline. This results in a linear, smooth torque curve which is ideal for a personal watercraft that needs to accelerate hard all the way from a standstill through astounding top-end speeds.

A common drawback of forced-induction is the heat build-up that occurs when the intake air is compressed. The Ultra 250X overcomes this with the use of a large-capacity intercooler. The 250X’s supercharger compresses the air to a maximum boost pressure of 11.4psi. This compression heats the intake charge to extremely-high temperatures, which could limit the engine’s power output. However, the 250X’s large-capacity intercooler cools the intake charge back down to ambient temperature or even less – ideal for producing maximum power.

The JET SKI Ultra 250X’s stunning acceleration is augmented by a huge 155mm jet pump featuring the largest PWC impeller and nozzle Kawasaki has ever produced. Developed based on feedback from Kawasaki’s race machines, this pump was specially designed to deliver predictable thrust and good "traction," even when riding on rough water. The pump uses eight guide vanes (instead of the six used on previous models) to regulate the flow of water from the impeller for efficient and powerful propulsion. This is a significant factor in the Ultra 250X’s mind-boggling acceleration. The new pump incorporates a groove from the center to the rear of the ride plate which makes it easier to hold a stable heading when riding in a straight line.

In addition to more power and acceleration than any other production watercraft on the planet, the Ultra 250X also boasts an all-new race-developed hull. Extensive research and refinement has allowed Kawasaki to design a brand-new hull which is just as comfortable in rough conditions as in calm. Even at high speeds, rough water can do little to deter the Ultra 250X. This combination of unearthly power mated to the latest hull technology allows Kawasaki’s flagship to literally cleave through waves that would send lesser machines running for safe harbor.

In addition to its acceleration and top-speed capabilities, the Ultra 250X also offers precise handling and superb stability, thanks to a hull that was specifically designed to compliment the engine’s incredible output. This fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) hull is loaded with DNA from Kawasaki’s IJSBA championship winning machines. This includes carefully designed sponsons and chines for enhanced straight-line stability and precise cornering, combined with a 22.5° deep-V hull for a smoother ride in rough water.

In recognition of the tremendous power on tap, Kawasaki designed the Ultra 250X’s hull to lean into corners like a motorcycle. This helps passengers stay centered, and keeps the rider in control during peak cornering g-forces.

The Ultra 250X features a five-step adjustable handlebar position that allows either stand-up or sit-down riding for enhanced comfort and versatility. As Kawasaki’s flagship watercraft, the 250X includes thoughtful standard features like an enormous 53 gallon detachable front storage compartment and a 20.6 gallon fuel tank (the largest in its category) for substantial cruising range.

From horsepower to handling and everything in between, once the spray settles after the first ride, one thing will be certain. As the most powerful PWC on the planet, this "ultra" new JET SKI offers performance and excitement that are unmatched by any other watercraft.