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South African Nationals round 2 review
The second round of the SA nationals was held on Saturday at USHAKA in Durban in the surf.There was lots of exciting racing but bad organisation from the SAJSBA put a damper on what could of been an exellent event. With the event being in the surf everybody was ready for a change of pace from flat water races and was excited to get into the waves.All the top riders showed up to do battle and they put on a good show,the weather didnt play the part and it rained all day which was a bit of a dissapointment because Durban always has good weather.

But the real let down was the badly organised event by the SAJSBA.I am not a negative person and I love this sport but  the race this week was a joke as far as organisation or lack there of.By the end of the event we raced around 4 bouys with bouys coming loose all the time and the event on the whole was terrible.Justin Windsor and Myself offered to put the whole event on to make sure it would be a success but the Sajsba did not want our help and it showed this weekend.Hopefully they will step up there act for the next race or we will see a new series starting that is put on professionally.

But back to the racing....
In the pro stand up class there was some great racing.In the first heat Jared Peterson got out the gates fast but Dustin Motzouris was able to get ahead by the first turn and didnt look back the whole race.Justin Windsor used his years of experience to take a well deserved second place with Tyron Motzouris getting third after having all kinds of subbing and crashes with the rough conditions .Nick Sloley also rode a smart race to get 4th and put himself into a good position for the second heat.

Justin got a good jump  in the second race but Dustin was able to use all the power of his ski in the rough conditions to pull the holeshot again and put the hammer down and actually lapped the whole field.Justin rode great and recovered from a crash to get second while Nick and Tyron traded places the whole race with Nick being in front at the finish giving him third overall which was great.Tyron had a day he would rather forget with a fourth overall.

Marcel Bestell of JONNY DAZZLE RACING also had a tough day plagued with boat problems and the rough conditions.He also saw his life flash before his eyes as he crashed going off a wave and Dustin jumped clean over him.

In the runabouts it was a battle between Jared Moore ,Nick Thompson and Tyron Long.Jared came out victories on his kawasaki ultra 250 and really showed again that in the surf and rough water this is a tough boat to beat.Nick finished second and rode really well,he is a naturally talented rider and rode the wheels off his sea-doo.Tyron also put on a good race in third on his kawasaki .

Thanks again to all the riders that came down and we look forward to seeing you all at the next race.

Dustin Motz
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