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Vaal watercross results and race review
The Watersports and Marine Watercross was a huge hit with South Africa,s top pilots.For the first time in South Africa ramps where used as part of the race track and it made for some of the best racing we have seen . A big thank you must go out to Chris from Watersports and Marine at the VAAL for putting on such a great event for the riders and spectators this past weekend.For the first time we had two large ramps and two smaller ramps as part of the race track for the pro stand up class and it made for great racing with all the riders having a great time.

Dustin Motzouris holeshotted the first heat followed by Nick Sloley ,Tyron Motzouris and Justin Windsor.Dustin was able to get away quickly using the flat water and no traffic on the ramps to his advantage.Tyron finally made his way around Nick Sloley who eventually sucked up a piece of a ramp and got it stuck in his pump.Just when he thought things could not get worse Dustin came around to lap him and they collided in a turn putting a big ding in the side of Nicks race boat just flown in from Jet Ski unlimited in the USA.

Justin Windsor rode really well getting into third by the checkered flag with Jared Peterson in 4th.

In the second moto Dustin again grabbed the holeshot on his Jet Ski Unlimited ski and put his head down to get a good lead early on.
Tyron Motzouris got into second also on a JSU boat with Justin Windsor of LJS in third.Thats how it stayed till the finish with Nick Sloley getting fourth in moto 2.
Marcel Bestel was able to race moto 2 on a KAWASAKI X2  and had some good fun and had one of the most spectacular get offs of the day.Unfortunately his stand up was in pieces and he was not able to really get into the mix.

In the runabouts Jared Moore took the win on his ULTRA 250  with Nick Thompson in second.Jared won the first moto with Nick who was leading getting docked for missing bouys .

In the second moto Nick Thompson put his sea-doo out front and didnt look back while Jared did all he needed to do and got second to take the overall.

There was alot of action all day and all the riders are waiting for the next event.
See you at the races
Dustin Motz
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